So I have currently started a position for an event firm. The only problem is, is I feel that they are doing some unethical business practices. I am not going to divulge who this company is and what they are about, but I will say I find it to be very misleading and very upsetting.

I have worked with them for a few weeks now, and the more I learn about the company the less and less I like about them. I am not saying that they are doing wrong, but their practices don’t seem to be the best I have worked with. So I am sad to say I already have to leave my first job in the event world after a few short weeks. But in the long run my morals are what are important to me. I know that with a little effort on my part I will be able to find another job and one that works with my morals and one that I feel is the right fit for me. I enjoyed the people I worked with, they were very upbeat and sociable, but in the long run I just won’t be working with them for much longer.

I hope that you do stand up for what you believe in. If your company is acting unethically in your eyes and you don’t stand up for yourself, well then you are just acting against your own morals. Be healthy at heart and in your work place, because it one stress most people can take out of their lives. I know it is hard, but know that you are not alone and if we all stand up together, unethical practices will be stopped.

Until next time,



A Little Inspiration


I have realized some things about myself after I graduated, I really need to have something to do at all times! If someone isn’t expecting me to be somewhere, or doing something, all I do is sit and wait for something to come along. Well not anymore, I know that as an event planner I need to have the go get ’em attitude. This is what I plan to do in the next few months.

I have recently started a job that is strictly commissioned based, therefore if I don’t push myself I only make an average amount of money. Which to most people is fine, but to me just shows lack of wanting more. So next weekend when it is time to get out invites and talking to people I will try and do something a little more for the company and myself. I know that this is a good thing for kids around the area, so I need show the families why they should get involved. It isn’t just something to do, it is something fun and exciting to do. If I was offered something like this at a young age you better believe I would be happy and begging my parents to go, if of course the person sold me on it first. So that is what I am going to do, sell everyone on it!

Hope this gave you a little inspiration as well 🙂

Happy Planning!

Remember when?


So a High School teacher of mine posted on her Facebook this past week that she was a sore from the Turkey Olympics. This got me thinking of how some fun and games around the holidays is just the ticket for ice breakers, fun and networking.

What is Turkey Olympics? Well it was my High Schools way of allowing us to celebrate the Holidays as a school. This school wide activity was held a week before Christmas break. This day became more than just a day of fun it became a very competitive tradition. As a member and seat holder of the student council I was required to help come up with games and rules behind the games.

Every year this brought out the competitive side of the students and the teachers. Because, as winners, your class got to hold the title and the trophy until the next year’s Turkey Olympics. This friendly competition was not so friendly at our school as rivalries came out, but it did bring classes closer together. It is a great way to get your teams in your corporation’s departments into the holiday spirit, and act like a kid once again!

We did things that enhanced team building, strategic thinking, and communication. We all participated in order to receive a passing grade for that day, or extra credit in our classes. But you could use this as an alternative to a drab annual Christmas party. Allow for fun to seep back into your work place, because it works for some of the most successful companies out there. So why not have it work for yours?

Happy Planning!

Back to it


Well sorry for my hiatus for a moment. A lot just happened in my life and I couldn’t find the time to sit down and share anything! But I am back! Boy were there a lot of great events that happened in the past few weeks!

Went to graduation of course , that has to be one of the most boring events out there. The only good parts are the speeches. My high school graduation was awesome but it took less than an hour, and the names took around three minutes (I graduated with a class of 28). So of course the university was going to have more graduates, but it was still a good ceremony none the less.

That night in Reno was the annual Santa Pub Crawl. Now that is a fun event! Everyone dressed up as Santa’s or Christmas/holiday things there of and goes around to the local bars participating to get there special drinks. Let me tell you it is a fun crazy time. Thousands of people participate in this event and it is one of the craziest things to exerience in Reno. As you can not believe how many people will actually dress up, act crazy, and drink the night away! Great experience a must to be a part of at least once in your life!

Other events were more personal, going away get-togethers, congratulation dinners, and holiday family parties. All with great cheer and a lot of laughter. I hope everyone is enjoying there holiday season, and getting all of your last minute shopping done as well! Be safe and of course…

Happy Planning!

Calm Down


Events are stressful as I have said many times before. But do know there are ways to successfully calm anyone down. Of course there is the crying bride, and everyone knows the line from the “Wedding Planner.” You should always have a go to way of calming someone down, if it works, then it works use until your speech doesn’t work, and then try something new.

I know that making that person feel special on their day is key, but if they are nervous that everyone is going to be staring at them, then saying they are the center of attention is probably not the best way to calm them down. Do look at the situation at hand and adjust to what the client needs. If you are the one freaking out, know what calms you down before even entering into the event. You need to keep together more so then the client. Because if you flip, everyone follows and it is hard to save the even then.

So be kind to yourself before the event, know what to do or say in any situation and allow yourself to be vulnerable to tears and make sure that everyone knows they are going to be OK, better yet awesome, even better yet fantastic! The best thing to to do is breathe, count your successes and move on to the next one!

Happy Planning!

The Event to the Rest of Your Life


There are a lot of different events that will lead you in to the rest of yournlife, but don’t worry the change is something you decided upon, and should be happy about! I know that change can be scary, but it is part of life, and it is healthy. I known that with my life about to change I’m not taking things lightly, but to say the least I know that I am not the only one with these changes coming about so it does make me a little more at ease.

With graduation approaching oh so soon, I am nervous about what lies ahead. I know that finding a job today will not be the easiest thing in the world, and finding one in the field I am graduating in will be even tougher. But I do know one thing that college has taught me, if you stick it out and keep moving forward one day you will be successful and ready for anything. I know that eventually I will find the perfect job, or I will get fed up with looking and go back to school. Whatever the case I know that things will work out in the way they were meant to be.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I know that you also have control over your decisions. So it is OK to be nervous and have second thoughts on what is about to happen, but do know that you always have the power to change it again. I know that not all decisions can be tough, but life altering ones always make for cold feet. Know you aren’t the only one out there, you are not alone. But do know reaching out for help does not show weakness, but shows strength, as it takes courage to ask for a little help.

Happy Planning!

Black Eye Friday


The crazy holidays are upon us. Which means baking, shopping, wrapping, and entertaining. But nothing comes close to the event of the year, The one that gets people in the WORST holiday cheer… Yes I am talking about the shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

This day used to be the day that the family would go out and get the best deals for their pocket books. Today, it is the day for increased crimes and fights. I can’t believe the hostility that comes about on a day like Black Friday. Now it is even worse, it is the two day sales, the open at 11pm because opening at 4 am is just outrageous! That is way too late in the day, 4 am is for sissies… The lines are ridiculous, some people avoid the roads compeletly and just wait for the deals on cyber Monday. Whatever your strategy, it is planned shopping day for sure. I know of people who spend their Thanksgivings looking through the paper to find the best ads, so they can plan their day. Their first stop is who has the best deals, and who will have the best selection.

The infamous door busters are now becoming black eyes and pepper spray fiascos. I can’t believe such a “joyous” season has become the scariest day of year. I know that times are tough right now, but punching another soccer mom for your kids scooter is not the answer. I know it sounds crazy, but this sale will happen again on December 26. Johnny might not be able to open his present on Christmas Day, but he will survive, I swear. Plus the only lines are at cutomer service to return that scooter yournson really didn’t even want anyways.

So words of warning for next year, don’t bring pepper spray, or any other sort of unecessary weapon, just bring a smile on your face and get them the gift they really want… A gift card.

Happy planning!