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Going Back


I realized the other day that I need to start thinking about how I am going to find everyone for my High School graduation. I know that I had an extremely small class, and with social media there are plenty of ways to get ahold of them. But what I thought was funny, is I don’t have anyone’s actual address. AND! I don’t know any of their numbers, I only know them as a Facebook person. What has happened with direct, physical contact? I only have two numbers from the people I went to High School with, and half the time we will chat via Facebook instead of calling one another! I did grow up in a small town so not having a lot of contacts with my graduating buddies is normal, especially since we all went our separate ways upon graduating, but what would I do if there was no social media? I would definitely be hard to get reconnected with some of these people!

Social media has been one of the greatest ways to find people. I randomly get “People you may know” and Facebook actually does a decent job finding those people through different connections on your page. Yet there are a lot of people who won’t claim certain things about themselves, they get married, or they change their name. It is interesting that looking back to when my mother got her invitation to her twenty year reunion in “snail mail” form. I don’t even know a single address, I only know the URL address from their twitter accounts! What has the world come to? We are so caught up in the internet that we don’t even know a telephone number by heart or an address to send an actual letter to.

It scares me that even my best friend sent her wedding invitation via Facebook for her wedding in January. I almost feel I should Facebook my graduation announcements as well! These inventions are great for getting connected, but are we truly connected? Once my class gets together will we “text talk” each other, jk lol. Will this virtual world every be the same again?

Actually I think I am going to call my friend right now and ask for her physical address so I can feel a little more “connected” with her!



When to Serve


There’s always the question of when to serve food at an event. I’ve found that it is all situational. Meaning the time of day the event is, the speakers preference and what type of food you are serving.

My preference is to have a luncheon and with speakers because sandwiches are easy to grab and are not loud while the speakers is speaking. What I have noticed is the placement of the sandwiches is also crucial. If they are up at the front people often won’t grab one if the speaker is standing up front but hasn’t started their speech yet. Until someone says go ahead and grab your sandwiches will anyone go up. Another thing that I have noticed is that people often get up during the presenters speech to grab more, which is weird since they were nervous to grab it when they weren’t speaking. Unless they feel that they would get talked to by another individual. What ever the reason is, it interests me in what people do.

The only reason you should have food after the event is when you are doing a mixer afterwards. Strategically placing the food for the mixer is what will keep conversation the going and make your event even more successful. Finding a good caterer will help with placing food for your event. They have done it before so it will be best to take their advice.

Happy planning!

New Project


I have only been doing event planning for my own fun and much needed experience over the past couple of years. This past month though, I started to get paid for my knowledge, and jobs keep lining up! I don’t know exactly what I did or how to explain what happened, but things are starting to happen, and I am more than thrilled to take on the new commitments.

This past week I was hired on to help a long time entertainment veteran in the Reno area to redo an event venue in Reno. I, of course jumped on the idea, it would give me the knowledge I needed to restart a business! So far it has been a little slow, as no one is quite sure what is going on. I do know that I will be redesigning all social media accounts. I will also be updating the website, finding new talent to book, and deciding what events will happen on specific days of the week.

One thing that went wrong with the old business is that no one was on the same page. They lost the communication and did everything for themselves. So double bookings happened or their was no confirmation on events at all. With bringing in new people, new ideas and new management, I know that this place will be successful. It has a lot of potential and will be updated throughout the rest of the year. This week we are starting on the bar, everything will be redone and redesigned for the consumers and the ease of the employees. Not only will this be a great entertainment venue, it will be a hip-hangout for all the college students as well as service industry workers. The fun is just about to begin!

Theater Arts Bar and Performance Venue

Finding a Venue


Figuring out my own events are often more difficult than planning for other people. I have to figure out my graduation party, normally my mom takes over and helps, but with her not living in the same town is hindering the help she can give. So I am stuck. I know what I want I just can’t get there.

The venues here are either asking too much, making me purchase their food, or using their alcohol. I want to do it all and apparently you can’t do that unless you own the place. Finding venues is very difficult unless you follow their rules or know how to work through the loop holes. Reno is too small and they don’t have enough venues that will accommodate everyones needs. There are places but, most of them are outside venues, and since I will be graduating in December this is causing a problem.

I hope that something pops up in the next few weeks as I need to book this as soon as possible. If anyone has advice for me please keep me posted! As I already have the DJ, the caterer, the decorations and the alcohol!



Yesterday AMA Nevada found out about the new hot spot in downtown Reno, NV. This new place to be used to be a casino, which closed down over two years ago. The owners of the property didn’t want to add another casino in an already saturated market, so instead CommRow was born.

Larry DeVincenzi and Natasha Bourlin came to speak with the AMA students on how they gutted the idea of a casino and created a concept that has never been done before, anywhere! The idea was to change the perception of downtown Reno and make it fun again. 

CommRow has many things to offer, and more things coming in the near future. The project has literally been planned, designed, and opened within a years time frame. There are of course still things that are being learned in this new concept, but with a little help from the people around the Reno area, CommRow will climb to the top.

Within CommRow there are eleven eateries, these are noncommercial entities. The great thing about this place is there is something to eat for any appetite. A person can have Mexican, raw food, coffee, Mediterranean cuisine, sandwiches, ice cream, desserts, smoothies and of course alcohol.  There is also an all around wellness center on the second floor, which hosts a 164′ climbing wall, located on the outside of the building overlooking the well-known downtown arch.

This place is a great venue for children and adults. It is not open 24 hours, but the hours are very flexible. One thing to know is not everything is open when the doors are open, but there is still so much to be done even when one entity is closed. This place will continue to grow within the next few years, including the HangHotel, which will also be pet-friendly or as they put it “people-friendly,” plus there is a concert venue on the third floor that will host many names in the near future.  

I can’t wait to see what else this place has to offer! There is so much room for growth, fun and excitement! This will definitely be the talk of the town!

How to…


There are so many aspects of an event, where does one start and how does it all come together in the end. If you don’t have a goal, how will you be able to see your success? The first thing you should look at is your outcome. Plan with the end in mind. This is the only way you are going to see if your event was a success or not.

With the end in mind you will have a more successful event. This is because you know from the beginning how you want everything to go. If you don’t know your goals this concept will not work for you. So you need to sit down and imagine your event complete, this is how you will come up with the ideas for success. This will also help you become more intune with what you or your client needs.

The only thing a client wants to see are the results, if you deliver then they will appreciate it, if you don’t deliver than there could be problems. Understanding your clients needs and visions are crucial for the end result to happen.

I have found that finding out clients needs is the hardest thing about this job. If it’s not one vision it’s a thousand that are impossible to fulfill at once or at all! Getting their vision out of them is a skill in and of itself. So working one on one with the client is something that is necessary to fulfill any of the events needs. Sometimes your questions will be answered in one moment, other times you have to be with the client for a few days. It depends on what you are planning and how well they understand their own vision. Once this vision is found you will be able to make anything happen!

Coloring Your Event


I read a great post on the web about The Psychology of Colors. It is shocking how much color is perceived in people’s minds. I know that Donna Kastner said to take it with a grain of salt, but colors are really important! It changes your whole theme in an event. If you use the wrong colors it could be displeasing to the client or the people at the event.

Colors shape everything around us. What we often forget is that there are different meanings of colors in different areas of the world. So if you are going to be doing an event internationally, or with international clients you might want to research what their perception of color is and see if you are on the right path or the wrong path. Some examples of cross-continental color issues are:

In China red means celebration, here it means danger.

In Japan yellow means courage, here it means caution.

In Thailand purple means mourning, here it means royalty.

In the East white means death, here it means good.

The differences are the extremes, so planning events with colors can be tricky when done with an international client list. One has to be careful on how they are used, where they are used, and what they are used for. So make sure you are researching your clients backgrounds to see if you need to add in more of one color over another to work with their cultures perception of color. Your knowledge will be respected, plus do you really want to make anyone upset at their wedding just because you used the wrong color? A little research never hurt anyone!