I have noticed that networking events are probably the most influential events out there. It is not about selling, it is not about “being there,” it is about making connections and NETWORKING!

I have been to many networking events when all I see are people standing around and waiting for customers to flee to their booth. Those people are thinking the people at the event are going to want to buy instantly. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not what anyone came to the event for, that’s not why it was put on, and that is not why you should attend. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part those events are made for people to get new connections and attract possible new clients. It’s a different way of social media.

You need to make those connections in order to continue your business. The more you expect people to just buy the more frustrated you will be. You need to realize that relationships, especially trust, take time. So don’t get down if at a networking event you don’t sell whatever you sell. Instead be proud on how many connections you make, because that’s what will get you the sale in the end. 

Making connections is going to get you the sale at the end of the day, keep them coming back for more, and possibly with a few friends following behind. The more connections you make the better your company will be. So get out there and network yourself, your company and your product/service. It might not show rewards instantly, but with all success it comes with time.


About nicoleelizas

I am a college student at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am studying Marketing and Management with a minor in Interior Design. I am on my way to graduating in December of 2011. After I graduate I am looking for a career in Event Planning in the greater Los Angeles area.

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