Finding a Venue


Figuring out my own events are often more difficult than planning for other people. I have to figure out my graduation party, normally my mom takes over and helps, but with her not living in the same town is hindering the help she can give. So I am stuck. I know what I want I just can’t get there.

The venues here are either asking too much, making me purchase their food, or using their alcohol. I want to do it all and apparently you can’t do that unless you own the place. Finding venues is very difficult unless you follow their rules or know how to work through the loop holes. Reno is too small and they don’t have enough venues that will accommodate everyones needs. There are places but, most of them are outside venues, and since I will be graduating in December this is causing a problem.

I hope that something pops up in the next few weeks as I need to book this as soon as possible. If anyone has advice for me please keep me posted! As I already have the DJ, the caterer, the decorations and the alcohol!


About nicoleelizas

I am a college student at the University of Nevada, Reno. I am studying Marketing and Management with a minor in Interior Design. I am on my way to graduating in December of 2011. After I graduate I am looking for a career in Event Planning in the greater Los Angeles area.

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