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The Event to the Rest of Your Life


There are a lot of different events that will lead you in to the rest of yournlife, but don’t worry the change is something you decided upon, and should be happy about! I know that change can be scary, but it is part of life, and it is healthy. I known that with my life about to change I’m not taking things lightly, but to say the least I know that I am not the only one with these changes coming about so it does make me a little more at ease.

With graduation approaching oh so soon, I am nervous about what lies ahead. I know that finding a job today will not be the easiest thing in the world, and finding one in the field I am graduating in will be even tougher. But I do know one thing that college has taught me, if you stick it out and keep moving forward one day you will be successful and ready for anything. I know that eventually I will find the perfect job, or I will get fed up with looking and go back to school. Whatever the case I know that things will work out in the way they were meant to be.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I know that you also have control over your decisions. So it is OK to be nervous and have second thoughts on what is about to happen, but do know that you always have the power to change it again. I know that not all decisions can be tough, but life altering ones always make for cold feet. Know you aren’t the only one out there, you are not alone. But do know reaching out for help does not show weakness, but shows strength, as it takes courage to ask for a little help.

Happy Planning!


Black Eye Friday


The crazy holidays are upon us. Which means baking, shopping, wrapping, and entertaining. But nothing comes close to the event of the year, The one that gets people in the WORST holiday cheer… Yes I am talking about the shopping day of the year, Black Friday.

This day used to be the day that the family would go out and get the best deals for their pocket books. Today, it is the day for increased crimes and fights. I can’t believe the hostility that comes about on a day like Black Friday. Now it is even worse, it is the two day sales, the open at 11pm because opening at 4 am is just outrageous! That is way too late in the day, 4 am is for sissies… The lines are ridiculous, some people avoid the roads compeletly and just wait for the deals on cyber Monday. Whatever your strategy, it is planned shopping day for sure. I know of people who spend their Thanksgivings looking through the paper to find the best ads, so they can plan their day. Their first stop is who has the best deals, and who will have the best selection.

The infamous door busters are now becoming black eyes and pepper spray fiascos. I can’t believe such a “joyous” season has become the scariest day of year. I know that times are tough right now, but punching another soccer mom for your kids scooter is not the answer. I know it sounds crazy, but this sale will happen again on December 26. Johnny might not be able to open his present on Christmas Day, but he will survive, I swear. Plus the only lines are at cutomer service to return that scooter yournson really didn’t even want anyways.

So words of warning for next year, don’t bring pepper spray, or any other sort of unecessary weapon, just bring a smile on your face and get them the gift they really want… A gift card.

Happy planning!

How to get someone away from the microphone…


We have all had this, every event that happens there is always someone who wants to take the spotlight, or is too drunk the realize how big of fool they are making themselves out to be. In any case having a plan to get these fine people away from the microphone is key to making everyone happy and to get the event back on track.

Whether it is karaoke or a person who drags on a speech, there is always a way to get the person to sit down, and drink some coffee. I know that it is difficult to do this, because you are always looked at as the bad guy until later on in the evening. Or you could be looked at as the savior, depends on how obnoxious the microphone hog is.

I remember during my graduation party a local auctioneer wanted to sing a few songs. My family (mostly my Aunt B) loves the karaoke machine to be a part of family events. So I made sure I had one, regardless of my tastes. Anyways our auctioneer wouldn’t allow for anyone else to take over the microphone. My Aunt B the jealous type kept trying to step in so she could sing some more Shania Twain. Well in the midst of all of this there was a battle to the end to see who would get the last bit of singing time in before the event was over.

Regardless to say my Aunt B finally won and got to sing her song to end the evening… But the auctioneer got the last statement over the microphone. I am not sure how this battle will go at my wedding, because I already know that the karaoke machine will be present, as well as the two microphone mischiefs… But I do know where the microphone main switch is on the audio box… So if need be always unplug šŸ˜‰

Happy Planning!

Thanksgiving Events


My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. With the family, food, generosity, and everything else involved with the day, who wouldn’t find this day to be one amazing event? Especially with the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is my family’s tradition that we have been involved in since I was three. My brothers and my father go out hunting, as it is the one of the last weekends to hunt in the area, and my mother and I stay at home getting the dinner ready for everyone.

Before the real cooking begins, my mother and I bake some cinnamon rolls and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I grew up around this show, it’s what made me want to be a dancer. I always wanted to be one of the Radio City Rockettes, with their high-flying kicks and their piercing smiles. I always wanted to go to the Parade, but then the tradition wouldn’t be quite the same, especially the home cooked meal at the end of the day wouldn’t be there, due to being in a New York Hotel.

It has been a few years since I have been able to celebrate this event with my family. With school and work, taking time off during the holidays is probably one of the hardest things to do. Not to mention the high price of flying home around the holidays as well is very expensive. I know that one day soon I will be able to be home for this event to pass on the tradition to my niece and nephew and to be a part of the family celebration. Until that day happens again, I know that I will be on the phone with my mother while the cinnamon rolls are baking in the oven, as we both watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What are your traditional events around the holidays?



I know the feeling, the stressful time when you are in the middle of the event and everything goes wrong. Or the moment you are on a deadline to make sure a fundraiser is going and no one is calling you back. Or the moment when you realize all of your hard work was for nothing, as the bride leaves him at the altar. Whatever you are planning stress isĀ involved. Sometimes there isn’t much, but for the most part stress is part of the job.

Whether you can handle the stress or not will make or break your career. I recently have run in to a fundraising deadline for a school function and I am running out of time to get a hold of people. My group wants a specific place to do their fundraiser, well this place has not answered my emails, returned my phone calls, or has been around the office anytime I have gone to talk to them. With time running out, I have decided to look into other venues. I already got a call back on a place willing to help out, and I called two others seeing if they would want to be a part of the fundraiser. With waiting a few more days I will have a venue to report back to the group. I know that it won’t be their first choice, but at least I will have something to show for all the work I have done to make this event happen.

I know that in the past if I hadn’t brought another option to the group I would not have the job anymore. I know that this business is fast paced, but sometimes if you don’t put in the extra time to find an alternative, then you are losing yourself in the battle. I know that people are often going to be upset that you couldn’t get the place they wanted, but it definitely lessens the blow when you come with options of places that are willing to help out. I do know that when I bring options they are more willing to beĀ reasonable, and I always keep my job.

To be honest, as well, I usually use my connections to find another place, they usually help out because they know that I will be back again. I also know that if these connections cannot help me out with their space, they usually have another place for me to get into contact with. This in return helps make my list grow and give me more options for future issues. I know that taking a little bit more time always makes it worth it in the end (especially if you get to keep the job and show loyalty to them).

Happy Planning!

National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week


I wrote a blog last week that pretained to charity events, well this week is the national event for National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness. Food drives are in full swing this week, and more and more people are getting fed this week. Bismark, North Dakota has stepped up to stop national hunger.

A woman by the name of Sarah Millar, a student at Bismark State College, started to give out “Rag Bag’s.” She did this to fulfill four of the basic needs of a human. These four needs are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, she wanted for others to have the things she would want if she had nothing. These bags have been very helpful in the Bismark area, due to the rise in homelessness. People need to start realizing that this is nationwide and having this week of awareness will show just how many people are struggling today.

People during these times start to go to shelters at night, because of the colder weather. This time of year shelters are in need of more help and more supplies, so they are able to support the increasing number of people asking for help. Most shelters are too small to house all of the people in need these days. They try not to turn anyone away, because that would mean more people out in the cold temperatures.

During this week long event University’s and College’s are setting up booths for students and faculty to bring in and donate food, clothing, and other necessary items for one to survive during these times. Even if you only donate a few items, you are still helping someone out. It is not just adults that are homeless, children are homeless as well. If you can’t give any items away, you can always donate the one thing that matters the most, your time. Shelters are always looking for volunteers. So if you have some free time this week, go down to your local shelter and lend a hand. Everyone should be involved during this week, as this year the rise of homelessness is astounding.

Be apart of the fight against National Hunger and Homelessness!

Go to Looking In To Homeless Statistics to find a Homeless Shelter near you.


Branding Yourself Review


I just read a great book for school. It has everything one could know about the correct way to make yourself be known to the world. Not only does the book give great advice, but it also tells you what online sources to use in order to truly make yourself a well-rounded social media guru.

Today it is tough to get your name out into the world, but this book gives you the steps you need to pass the rest and get to your destination. It gives examples of different people and how they need to market themselves online in order to get the most results.

Branding Yourself also gives you the do’s and don’ts of the hit social media websites. I know that marketing yourself can be tough, but this book can help you launch yourself into the 21st century in a how-to handy guide for social media marketing. This book captures every angle in which you should take action to succeed.

This book helped me realize that even the small things can really help your career. Their advice in the book as already helped me for my future. Eric Deckers and Kyle Lacy definitely wrote a four star book, in which everyone should read. Not only should one read it, but one should use the tools provided to help guide himself/herself into a better future!

Eric Deckers and Kyle Lacy

How to use Social Media to Invent Yourself or Reinvent Yourself