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Remember when?


So a High School teacher of mine posted on her Facebook this past week that she was a sore from the Turkey Olympics. This got me thinking of how some fun and games around the holidays is just the ticket for ice breakers, fun and networking.

What is Turkey Olympics? Well it was my High Schools way of allowing us to celebrate the Holidays as a school. This school wide activity was held a week before Christmas break. This day became more than just a day of fun it became a very competitive tradition. As a member and seat holder of the student council I was required to help come up with games and rules behind the games.

Every year this brought out the competitive side of the students and the teachers. Because, as winners, your class got to hold the title and the trophy until the next year’s Turkey Olympics. This friendly competition was not so friendly at our school as rivalries came out, but it did bring classes closer together. It is a great way to get your teams in your corporation’s departments into the holiday spirit, and act like a kid once again!

We did things that enhanced team building, strategic thinking, and communication. We all participated in order to receive a passing grade for that day, or extra credit in our classes. But you could use this as an alternative to a drab annual Christmas party. Allow for fun to seep back into your work place, because it works for some of the most successful companies out there. So why not have it work for yours?

Happy Planning!


Back to it


Well sorry for my hiatus for a moment. A lot just happened in my life and I couldn’t find the time to sit down and share anything! But I am back! Boy were there a lot of great events that happened in the past few weeks!

Went to graduation of course , that has to be one of the most boring events out there. The only good parts are the speeches. My high school graduation was awesome but it took less than an hour, and the names took around three minutes (I graduated with a class of 28). So of course the university was going to have more graduates, but it was still a good ceremony none the less.

That night in Reno was the annual Santa Pub Crawl. Now that is a fun event! Everyone dressed up as Santa’s or Christmas/holiday things there of and goes around to the local bars participating to get there special drinks. Let me tell you it is a fun crazy time. Thousands of people participate in this event and it is one of the craziest things to exerience in Reno. As you can not believe how many people will actually dress up, act crazy, and drink the night away! Great experience a must to be a part of at least once in your life!

Other events were more personal, going away get-togethers, congratulation dinners, and holiday family parties. All with great cheer and a lot of laughter. I hope everyone is enjoying there holiday season, and getting all of your last minute shopping done as well! Be safe and of course…

Happy Planning!

Calm Down


Events are stressful as I have said many times before. But do know there are ways to successfully calm anyone down. Of course there is the crying bride, and everyone knows the line from the “Wedding Planner.” You should always have a go to way of calming someone down, if it works, then it works use until your speech doesn’t work, and then try something new.

I know that making that person feel special on their day is key, but if they are nervous that everyone is going to be staring at them, then saying they are the center of attention is probably not the best way to calm them down. Do look at the situation at hand and adjust to what the client needs. If you are the one freaking out, know what calms you down before even entering into the event. You need to keep together more so then the client. Because if you flip, everyone follows and it is hard to save the even then.

So be kind to yourself before the event, know what to do or say in any situation and allow yourself to be vulnerable to tears and make sure that everyone knows they are going to be OK, better yet awesome, even better yet fantastic! The best thing to to do is breathe, count your successes and move on to the next one!

Happy Planning!